How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds

9 Tips on How to Put a Baby to Sleep in 40 Seconds


As a parent, One of the most difficult and overwhelming tasks is put a baby to sleep in less than a minute. You try everything in your power to ensure that your baby sleeps well throughout the night.

Better sleep will help to keep your baby in a cheerful mood during the day and reduce their crying. Keeping children happy is a 24*7 job. You must constantly feed them, change their diapers and keep them laughing.

However, parents have to attempt anything and everything to make their children enter the world of their dreams. But, it is not as easy as other parents say, because their tastes and preferences change in an environment similar to how they grow.

Although, one of the most challenging and unforgiving issues that most parents face with a newborn is how to put the baby to sleep as quickly as possible.

Some of the tricks and tips that worked a few weeks ago may no longer work. However, this article will talk about the most unique tricks that will help you put your baby to sleep in no time.

So let’s check out and explore some easy expert tips on ‘how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds.’

9 Important Tips on Put a Baby to Sleep in Less Than a Minute

Every baby is different, so baby’s bedtime may vary from baby to baby. Many parents desperately need of a few tips and tricks that will help your baby fall asleep faster, give these tested tricks a try.

We have broken down and prioritized these tips on how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds for your comfort as parents.

So let’s see which trick will be proved helpful for your child to be snoozing right away.

Tip #1 – Make your baby relaxed and comfortable

If you want your newborn baby to sleep peacefully through the night, the most important thing to consider is keeping your baby comfortable. For newborns, this means putting them on their backs on a firm surface like a bassinet. 

You also need to ensure that their head and neck are aligned and have plenty of space to move around but are not on their stomach. It would help to experiment with different positions when they get older to see what is best for them. But in the end, comfort is the key to helping your baby sleep instantly.

Tip #2 – Stroke their forehead or back mildly

Another option to get your baby to fall asleep is gently stroking their forehead or back. This helps them relax and makes them get a good night’s sleep.

It can also help your newborns or baby de-stress and rest. When done regularly, this can become your baby’s sleep routine and help them drift off to sleep faster rather than stay awake.

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Tip #3 – Try singing a lullaby or reciting a bedtime story

It is well-known that babies fall asleep faster when sung a lullaby or told a bedtime story. But there are multiple studies to back this up. As per the journal Pediatrics publication, if you read a bedtime story to your baby they will fall asleep faster than those who played a recording of the same level. Researchers believe the rhythm of human speech can help lull the baby to sleep.

Additionally, being read to by a parent or caregiver promotes bonding and attachment for babies other than feeding. So finally, the next time your baby sleeps fitfully, sing them a little song or recite a bedtime story. That might do the trick.

Tip #4 – Better try the tissue trick

If you are wondering how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds, then the tissue trick is for you. It will take less than a minute to put your baby to sleep with this magical trick. What you need to do is take a tissue paper and place it on your baby’s face. Now, gently pull the tissue down your baby’s face. Keep repeating this trick for a few seconds and you will see your baby’s eyes start to close.

But remember to keep the tissue dry. Do not use a wet wipe or warm water, as it creates more discomfort for your baby. Just remember to keep your child calm and still.

Also, make sure that the baby doesn’t tear or eat the tissue, and this technique may be worth a shot attempting on your young baby.

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Tip #5 – Try the sound of running water

The typical sound of running water is soothing for anyone to help promote sleep. Similarly, it is invaluable for putting newborn babies to sleep.

Now, it may not be raining, or your baby’s crib may not be next to a tap, so you can quickly look for videos or recordings of running water or rainfall on YouTube or Spotify or a white noise option and play them for a few minutes until it puts your baby to sleep.

Tip #6 – Periodically try Shh, swing and swaddle

This trick combines motion and sounds that make your babies feel sleepy through security. In this trick you need to wrap your baby in a soft blanket and hold them close to your chest. Now, gently swing your baby from left to right and whisper ‘Shhh’ gently in their ears. This sound must be like a lullaby or a soothing song.

Once your baby falls asleep, you can gently place them into their bed or cot on their back without a blanket, so they do not wake up.

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Tip #7 – Try the chanting trick

Babies recognize voices and love to hear their parent’s talk to them. So, Chanting is the easiest way to comfort them as they sleep. Try singing, humming, whispering to them, or use a white noise machine to give your baby much needed rest. Try rocking them while chanting to get them to sleep faster before waking them up for the next feeding.

Tip #8 – Make sure the room is dim and noiseless

Specialists say that babies tend to fall asleep faster in a dark environment. Make sure that their room is quiet and dark.

Next, create a safe environment for your child in their room. You can also use a white noise machine to help them relax and fall asleep. You could also use a small nightlight to make them feel safe in the dark. Finally, keep your babies bassinet or crib away from any doors or windows through which light or noise can enter their environment.

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Tip #9 – Kiss them right on the forehead and convey a goodnight sign

When wondering ‘how to put your baby to sleep in 40 seconds,’ one main trick is maintaining a schedule. Develop a habit of keeping a routine where you kiss them on the forehead, say goodnight, and then wrap them in a soft blanket.

You could also include a warm bath as a part of this routine to get your baby comfortable. There are a few reasons why kissing the forehead and saying good night technique works for babies.

Firstly, kissing your baby on the forehead helps calm them and signal that it is time to sleep. Secondly, saying goodnight helps soothe the baby as they hear human speech that they are familiar with and gives them a safe environment.

Things to Evade When Putting Your Baby to Sleep

As young parents or new mothers, we know that it is hard to figure out what is right and wrong. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially when your family and friends give you different insights and information. But please remember that what worked for their baby may not work for yours. So trying various things is the probable option.

So if your baby has trouble falling asleep or your baby wakes up regularly during naps, then here is a list of things you should sidestep doing if you want your baby to get their much-needed rest and not fight sleep. These specific things will make all the variance between a joyful baby and a desperate baby.

1) Letting them sleep extremely late

Developing a sleep schedule is the best option for your baby’s body, especially regarding sleeping. All human beings have a body clock, and this includes babies as well.

So, when you get your baby into a sleeping rhythm, it is best to stick to that every day. Giving your baby an extra half hour means they will be grumpy later. As a rule, babies under four months sleep every couple of hours.

2) Not having a consistent bedtime routine.

Having a set bedtime and sleeping routine is imperative for your baby. You can get your baby to sleep faster with a good sleep schedule. 

But remember that your baby is a little human. Some may want to sleep by 5 or 6, while others may sleep later, at 8 or 9. If you keep changing the timing, your little one’s sleeping habits may become challenging.

3) Not being steady with your partner.

It is of vital importance that you maintain consistency with your partner. Sharing nighttime duties with your partner helps keep you stress-free and your child happy. It also helps when both parents are involved with a baby’s sleep routine as it makes the baby more connected with both parents.

As parents, you may have different sleep schedules. But this should not clash with your baby’s sleep routine as it makes it more difficult for your baby to fall asleep.

Key Takeaways

As new parents, every week is a series of trials and tribulations to give your little one or child the best. You may feel tired and stressed but when it comes to sleep schedules, listen to what your infants tell you.

They may be light sleepers or want to sleep at a different time than other babies. Whatever makes your baby sleep comfortably should be followed.

You can also follow some other methods mentioned above on how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds. Try experimenting with different no matter it be simple tips to see which one works the best. Keep trying!



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