Maternity Photoshoot

When To Take Maternity Photos? Quick Tips For Maternity Photoshoot!


Are you unsure when to take maternity photos? Generally, maternity photos can be taken in the third trimester, between 30-35 weeks. However, each woman’s journey through pregnancy is unique, so there are no set rules.

Pregnancy is a special moment for a couple, especially for the mother who sees her growing baby bump over nine months. This is when a woman has an intimate, fun experience that is precious and unrepeatable.

If you are a pregnant woman thinking about a maternity photoshoot, this article will help you. Let’s get all the information about when to take maternity photos.

Haven’t you felt amazing?

However, it is a good idea to immortalize the experience in an album. However, it may seem like another task on your to-do list for a maternity photoshoot. A portrait session can remind you how beautiful and incredible your body is.

A maternity photo session is a great way to capture your journey into motherhood. A maternity session captures your unique moments and memories. People will be amazed at your visible baby bump. A maternity shoot will help you remember and document your pregnancy, not only in the months leading up to giving birth but lifelong.

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Best Time For Maternity Photoshoot

When do baby showers typically occur? Do you have a similar question in mind? Many recommend scheduling a maternity session within the first 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. This can be done as early as the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy but not later than the eighth month. The third trimester is the best time to show off a round bump.

The mom-to-be usually feels comfortable during the 28 to 36-week window. This makes it easier for pregnant women to pose with their baby bump when taking photos. At this stage, your baby won’t have started to move down. Your belly feels lifted higher, perfect for a maternity silhouette.

Usually, the pregnant woman fails to realize that as early as the third trimester, she may not have a well rounded shape to show for it. If you schedule your maternity photoshoot too soon, your baby bump might not be as prominent as you would like.

Pregnant women may find it difficult to smile and pose for photos if pregnancy photos are taken after the seventh or eighth month. Book your maternity photo session earlier and avoid taking maternity photos after 35 weeks late.

You must also plan to ensure your maternity photo session is successful. 

  • Which day is better?
  • Where to shoot? Outdoors, indoors, or at home. 
  • Which style do you prefer? Half-naked, with different looks or mixed? 
  • Your maternity photographer will work with you to determine the best date, location, style, and other options for your maternity session.

Usually, soon-to-be mums expecting twins plan their photo session so they can organize all the props and maternity outfits ideas because this is one of the most important aspects of clothing.

Maternity Photo Session Tips

Here are a few simple tips while taking professional maternity photos:

1. Get ready with some maternity photo ideas

Maternity photography is all about the right poses. One of the most helpful tips is to get ready with some maternity poses in your mind. You should be able to show off your beautiful baby bump while presenting flattering. Pay attention to the rest. Maternity photos can be more challenging in sitting, where your limbs may get squeezed together.

2. Play with silhouettes

A great idea for a maternity photo session is to include silhouettes. They show off the pregnant woman’s shape. Stand before a window or outside with the sun behind for a stunning silhouetted shot. Don’t forget to avoid marks in the photographs.

3. Schedule your newborn photography earlier, if you are expecting multiples

If you have more than one child, your baby bump will look bigger in the second trimester. It is a good idea to take maternity pictures around 24 weeks while you can still move about fairly freely.

4. Use props

Another one of the simple tips includes using different props during the maternity shoot. You can elevate your maternity photography with props. So think about what you could bring to your next shoot. Props can distract your maternity photoshoot, such as getting them to hold a pair of baby booties.

5. Make sure that the mother wears something she loves

A mother’s confidence can be affected by the clothes she wears. No one outfit will work for all women. Women prefer a few styles: clingy dresses for some, loose pants and shirts for others. The closet may include either sweatpants or a baggy top. However, the maternity photographer might prefer tight-fitting clothing because they show the baby bump better while shooting maternity pictures.

6. Pick the right location for maternity photos

Search for maternity photos location where you don’t need to walk a lot. It is safer for everyone to shoot at a location that is easily accessible. In warmer months, consider an outdoor location for maternity photos.

7. Invite partners or family members to get involved

The whole family is excited by pregnancy, especially if it’s the first baby. They enjoy being a part of baby showers and even maternity shoots. Therefore, it makes sense to include family photos in maternity photo shoots. Along with the children, the partner is the obvious choice. Additionally, it can be fun to add a beloved pet.

8. Find the right lighting for taking photographs

You can use a large soft light to flood the image in a studio and distracting patterns for maternity portraits. Outdoor maternity shoots are best when using natural lighting, especially at sunrise and sunset. A good photographer may use large, distracting patterns with a flash or reflector to control the fill light and highlight the bump. The main focus of your photographs will be you and your gorgeous bump.

9. Attention to the Belly

Zoom on the body and keep your eyes focused on it. To get a traditional photograph, you can include hands-on the belly. Daddy can wrap his arms around the mother’s stomach. Ask the woman to hold it. You can use your imagination to create some unique and classic shots. Choose the best photo from a naked or clothed belly. This can make incredible changes to your shoot.

10. Capture Taking a warm milk bath

It is a great time to experiment with milk bath photography during pregnancy. Milk baths are a must-have to capture the beauty and joy of motherhood. It would be best if you always were mindful of safety and comfort. For example, you will need to ensure the water temperature is moderate.


1. Are 30 weeks too early for maternity photos?

Schedule your session when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. Maternity photos taken after the eighth month of your pregnancy could make your maternity uncomfortable. Avoid taking photos if your belly is too full; usually, after 35 weeks is an ideal time.

2. Are 25 weeks too early for maternity pictures?

Your baby will most likely arrive weeks early, which does not happen in not all pregnancies, so it is a good idea to book maternity photos sooner than if you had just one baby. When expecting twins, we suggest taking photo sessions between 24- and 28 weeks time frame.

3. What is the best time to do maternity photos?

Between 26 and 34 weeks

The perfect timing to do a maternity photoshoot is recommended right at the very end of the third trimester, between 26 to 34 weeks. You’re at your last trimester when you get there; the belly starts to become more pronounced, with a nice, round shape. But then this time may vary, depending on your body.

4. Which month of pregnancy is good for photoshoot?

Most of the time, this falls sometime in your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy or between 28-34 weeks. By now, you will have a pretty good bump and your baby has not yet dropped down too far. The beginning of your third trimester is a perfect time to shoot maternity.


The best time for the maternity photo shoot is between 28 and 36 weeks. However, mothers of the baby arriving can still enjoy a photoshoot if they are not too close to the last trimester or due date. They can also move about with a growing baby bump.

Thus, it captures pictures of your beautiful, pregnant belly if you haven’t already done so. Don’t worry; everyone looks good in the photos. This is exactly the skill of a maternity photographer ahead. They can capture your beauty in just one shot before the baby arrives.


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