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9 Top Picks: Best Parenting Podcasts to Inspire and Guide You


Introducing my curated selection of the best parenting podcasts! As you know parenting comes with challenges and joys. Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned caregiver guiding your children in their developing years, We assure you these podcasts for parents offer valuable insights, practical advice, and heartfelt stories to support you on your parenting journey.

From expert authors in parenting fields sharing their anecdotes, each parenting podcast provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you navigate the ups and downs of raising children.

Explore topics ranging from child development and discipline strategies, self-care ideas for busy moms and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With a diverse range of perspectives and approaches, there’s something for every parent in this collection.

Based on the most recent data, there are approximately 500 million podcast listeners worldwide. The number of podcast listeners in the United States is estimated at 140 million listeners currently.

Join me as we dive into the world of parenting podcasts, where laughter and tears are shared, challenges are met head-on, and triumphs are celebrated. Get ready to be informed, inspired, and empowered as we explore the best podcasts for parents together.

Top 9 Best Parenting Podcasts

1. The Longest Shortest Time

  • Rating: 4.7 ratings
  • Author: Hillary Frank and Stitcher
  • Episodes: 229

The Longest Shortest Time” is a podcast that delves into the complexities of parenthood, exploring the diverse experiences and challenges faced by parents across different backgrounds and circumstances. Hillary Frank and Stitcher share a unique blend of humor, empathy, and insight.

Listeners can expect episodes covering a variety of topics relevant to parenting, from pregnancy and childbirth to the joys and struggles of raising children of all ages. The podcast explores issues such as infertility, adoption, single parenthood, co-parenting, balancing career and family, and navigating the ups and downs of relationships within the context of parenting.

What sets “The Longest Shortest Time” apart is podcasters’ honest approach to storytelling. The parenting podcasts feature real-life narratives and personal anecdotes that resonate with listeners, providing a sense of validation and solidarity in the often unpredictable and messy journey of parenthood.

2. Simple Families

  • Rating: 4.8 ratings
  • Author: Denaye Barahona Ph.D.
  • Episodes: 358

Simple Families is a podcast that is dedicated to helping parents simplify their lives and create more meaningful connections with their families. Hosted by Denaye Barahona, a Ph.D. in Child Development and author of “Simple Happy Parenting,” this parenting podcast offers practical advice, inspiration, and encouragement for simplifying family life.

Listeners can expect episodes related to minimalist parenting, intentional living, and creating a more peaceful and joyful home environment. The podcast explores strategies for decluttering and organizing, simplifying daily routines, fostering independence in children, and cultivating mindfulness and presence in parenting.

What sets Simple Families apart is its emphasis on practicality and simplicity. Denaye Barahona draws on her background in child development and her own experiences as a parent to offer actionable tips and strategies that can be easily implemented in everyday life. Whether it’s streamlining mealtime, simplifying toy rotation, or establishing calm bedtime rituals, the podcast provides tangible solutions for reducing stress and overwhelm in parenting.

By offering a mix of expert interviews, personal stories, and practical advice, Simple Families inspires listeners to rethink their priorities, simplify their surroundings, and focus on what truly matters most in parenting.

3. Good Inside

  • Rating: 4.8 ratings
  • Author: Dr. Becky Kennedy
  • Episodes: 27

Good Inside is the best podcast for parents as this podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to modern parents. Hosted by experts in child development, psychology, education, and parenting. One of the key reasons to listen to Good Inside is its commitment to providing evidence-based information and actionable tips backed by research. By drawing on the expertise of professionals in various fields related to parenting, the podcast offers credible advice that parents can trust.

Listeners can expect episodes discussing effective communication strategies with children, managing emotions, fostering resilience, promoting positive discipline, and nurturing healthy relationships within the family. The podcast also delves into timely issues such as digital parenting, managing screen time, and supporting children’s mental health.

4. The Mom Room

  • Rating: 4.8 ratings
  • Author: Renee Reina
  • Episodes: 386

The Mom Room” is a podcast hosted by Renee Reina, a Canadian mom who shares her thoughts, experiences, and insights on various aspects of motherhood. With a candid and relatable approach, She covers a wide range of topics relevant to modern moms, offering practical advice, heartfelt stories, and valuable perspectives.

Listeners can expect episodes discussing everything from pregnancy and childbirth to postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, sleep training, toddler tantrums, and beyond. The podcast also tackles issues such as mental health, self-care, relationships, and navigating the challenges of balancing parenthood with other aspects of life.

What makes “The Mom Room” unique is its authenticity. She isn’t afraid to share the highs and lows of her parenting journey, including the messy moments, the triumphs, and the moments of doubt and vulnerability. By opening up about her own experiences, she creates a space where listeners can feel understood and supported in their struggles and triumphs as parents.

Overall, “The Mom Room” is a welcoming and inclusive community for moms seeking connection, support, and reassurance in the often challenging and rewarding journey of parenthood.

5. Unruffled

  • Rating: 4.7 ratings
  • Author: Janet Lansbury
  • Episodes: 322

Unruffled” is a podcast hosted by Janet Lansbury, a renowned parenting expert and author specializing in the respectful parenting approach inspired by the teachings of Magda Gerber. With a focus on respectful communication, setting limits with empathy, and fostering independence in children, this podcast offers practical advice and guidance for parents seeking to build strong and authentic relationships with their children.

Listeners can expect episodes covering a wide range of parenting topics, including toddler tantrums, sibling rivalry, effective discipline strategies, supporting children’s emotional development, and nurturing healthy attachment bonds. Janet draws on her expertise in child development and her own experiences as a parent educator to provide insightful perspectives and actionable tips that resonate with parents of children of all ages.

What sets “Unruffled” apart is its emphasis on the principles of respectful parenting, which prioritize treating children as capable individuals with their thoughts, feelings, and agency. Janet encourages parents to approach challenges with curiosity and empathy, recognizing that behavior is a form of communication and seeking to understand the underlying needs driving it.

6. Zen Parenting Radio

  • Rating: 4.9 ratings
  • Author: Todd and Cathy Adams
  • Episodes: 784

Zen Parenting Radio” is a podcast hosted by Cathy and Todd Adams, a husband-and-wife team who share their insights and wisdom on parenting, relationships, and personal growth. With a focus on mindfulness, compassion, and self-awareness, this podcast for parents offers a holistic approach to parenting that emphasizes connection, authenticity, and balance.

Listeners can expect episodes covering a wide range of topics relevant to modern parents, including communication skills, emotional intelligence, conscious parenting, self-care, and navigating the complexities of family life. The podcast explores practical strategies for fostering strong parent-child relationships, promoting resilience and well-being in children, and nurturing personal growth and fulfillment as parents.

What sets “Zen Parenting Radio” apart is its integration of Eastern philosophy, mindfulness practices, and Western psychology into its approach to parenting and personal development. Cathy and Todd draw on their own experiences as parents, as well as insights from experts in psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality, to offer practical guidance and inspiration for listeners seeking to cultivate a more mindful and intentional approach to family life.

7. Raising Good Humans

  • Rating: 4.7 ratings
  • Author: Dr. Aliza Pressman
  • Episodes: 303

Raising Good Humans” is a podcast hosted by Dr. Aliza Pressman, a developmental psychologist and co-founding director of the Mount Sinai Parenting Center. This podcast focuses on providing parents with evidence-based insights and practical strategies for nurturing positive child development and fostering strong parent-child relationships.

Listeners can expect episodes covering a wide range of topics related to parenting, child psychology, and family dynamics. Dr. Pressman explores subjects such as emotional intelligence, effective discipline strategies, communication skills, resilience-building, and promoting healthy attachment bonds between parents and children.

What sets “Raising Good Humans” apart is its emphasis on the science of child development and psychology. Dr. Pressman translates complex research findings into accessible and actionable advice that parents can apply daily. By providing evidence-based information, the podcast aims to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to support their children’s growth and well-being effectively.

8. The PedsDocTalk

  • Rating: 4.9 ratings
  • Author: Dr. Mona Amin
  • Episodes: 238

The PedsDocTalk” is a podcast hosted by Pediatrician Dr. Mona Amin, aimed at providing valuable medical insights and practical advice to parents and caregivers. With a focus on pediatric health and wellness, this podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to children’s health, development, and parenting.

Listeners can expect episodes discussing common childhood illnesses, vaccinations, growth and development milestones, nutrition, mental health, and safety tips. Dr. Amin draws on her expertise as a pediatrician to deliver accurate information and evidence-based recommendations in a clear and accessible manner.

What sets “The PedsDocTalk” apart is its commitment to educating parents and empowering them to make informed decisions about their children’s health and well-being. Dr. Amin addresses common concerns and questions that parents may have, offering practical strategies for promoting children’s overall health and resilience.

9. The Mom Hour

  • Rating: 4.8 ratings
  • Author: Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers
  • Episodes: 713

The Mom Hour” is the best parenting podcast hosted by Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, two moms with a passion for sharing stories, advice, and support for other moms navigating the challenges and joys of motherhood. With a blend of humor, empathy, and practicality, this podcast covers a wide range of topics relevant to modern moms.

Megan Francis and Sarah Powers use their expertise and experience dealing with eight children to address parenting and other issues regarding motherhood. The advantage of listening to The Mom Hour is getting all this information and guidance in a fun and complete way.

What other podcasts do you think deserve a spot on this list? Share your recommendations and let us know which parenting podcasts have resonated with you the most.

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