Virtual Baby Shower Games

15 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games List


Planning a virtual baby shower brings challenges, but finding ways to keep guests engaged and happy shouldn’t be hard. You want easy games for everyone to join in on from their screens yet still spark laughs and create lasting memories. 

With the right mix of fun and simplicity, these 15 virtual baby shower games do just that. They’re designed to make sure your party is a hit without anyone needing to leave their house. Let’s dive into some great options that will have all your guests smiling.

1. The Baby Name Game

In the Baby Name Game, participants creatively think of names starting with different letters. Each guest takes turns naming a baby following the alphabet order: A for Alex, then B for Bailey. Challenges arise as they rush to come up with names within 30 seconds.

If someone’s too slow, they’re out of that round and play moves on without them. This game sparks laughs as guests compete from their homes via video call during virtual showers—making it both fun and fitting in today’s digital gatherings.

2. Guess the Belly Size

In “Guess the Belly Size,” guests try to guess how big mommy’s belly is. They use crepe paper because it’s cheap and easy to handle. Pick colors that fit your party theme, like blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

Each person cuts their piece, guesses the size by looking (no measuring mom directly), writes their name on it, and sets it aside. This can be an anytime game during the shower; just leave instructions out. You have options when deciding who guessed right.

Mom can try on each measure if she agrees and time allows, or she can measure herself privately and compare her size to the guesses to find the closest one. 

To make everyone feel part of this fun moment without putting all attention solely on mom-to-be, especially before older siblings – consider guessing the whole family’s combined waist sizes instead! 

For winners, think about gifting something relevant but also enjoyable such as fancy tapes or sweet treats shaped like strings!

3. Baby Item Memory Challenge

In this virtual baby shower game, participants test their recall skills. First, display a range of baby items virtually for a short time. Then hide them from view.

Each guest writes down as many items as they remember. The winner is the one who lists the most correct items. This fun exercise sharpens memory and adds laughter to your virtual baby shower, making it an inclusive game that everyone can enjoy right from their screens. 

4. Diaper Duty Race

In the Diaper Duty Race, each player gears up for a fun challenge. You’ll set a timer and see who can ‘change’ baby diapers fastest in this virtual game. Don’t worry; you won’t need real diapers.

Instead, participants use dolls or even pillows to mimic the process. The trick is speed and skill under pressure as everyone races against time from their screens. Tell your guests ahead so they have their makeshift babies ready at go-time!

Whoever completes most changes wins but remember, laughter trumps perfection here. This activity not only brings joy but also subtly prepares future parents for many diaper duties ahead.

5. Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary

Guests guess book titles from emoji clues. You receive a list of emojis that hint at popular children’s books. Your task is to decode them.

For example, a cat plus a hat might mean “The Cat in the Hat.” It tests your knowledge and brings fun through interpretation skills. Each correct answer earns points. This game allows everyone to play without special tools; and share the emoji list online.

It suits all ages, making it perfect for mixed groups and adding laughter as people reveal their guesses aloud or via chat during virtual gatherings. For hosts, prepare by selecting well-known books and creating corresponding emoji sequences beforehand. This game adds creativity to your baby shower while celebrating beloved stories likely present in the new baby’s future library!  

6. Parental Advice Mad Libs

In your virtual baby shower, try “Parental Advice Mad Libs.” It’s a fun game where guests fill in the blanks of advice sentences for you. These templates are easy to find and buy online — some even allow custom edits! Prices vary but start low, making this an affordable add-on.

Once completed, either read them live or save them as keepsakes. Remember: choose designs fitting your theme. Options range from minimalist styles to colorful safari animals.

Instructions are simple; just download the game after purchase and share it with your attendees digitally before playing together during the event. 

7. Baby Photo Guess Who

In “Baby Photo Guess Who,” each guest sends a baby photo of themselves to the host before the event. During this virtual game, you will show these images one by one. Everyone tries to guess who’s who!

It works perfectly for both small and large groups, making it ideal for your online gathering. Make sure photos are clear so everyone can have a fair shot at guessing right. This game not only breaks ice among guests but also sparks joyous conversations, sharing stories behind those adorable faces from yesteryear.

Think digital gift cards or e-vouchers that winners can enjoy instantly.

8. Predict the Birth Date

In the “Predict the Birth Date” game, guests guess when they think the baby will arrive. They choose a date and time. The host keeps track of all guesses.

The closest prediction wins a prize after the birth. It’s simple but exciting as everyone anticipates the big day! This activity fosters fun and engagement online among friends and family during virtual celebrations.

It marks an unforgettable moment as they eagerly await a new life, bridging distances with technology and sharing joyous expectations from afar. 

9. Dress the Baby Relay

In “Dress the Baby Relay,” you’ll enjoy a lively virtual challenge. Here’s how it goes: Split guests into teams, using video calls to connect everyone. Each team selects one member to dress a baby doll or stuffed animal first with items like tiny clothes and diapers, all within view of their camera.

The key is speed; the fastest dresser wins points for their team. To make it funnier, include silly outfits or oversized baby accessories in the mix. Keep score remotely as each participant tries out this goofy yet endearing race against time—remembering always that laughter beats precision here. 

10. Nursery Rhyme Charades

In Nursery Rhyme Charades, each team picks a player to act out a nursery rhyme. They draw one from the bucket and have only one minute for their performance. No words can be used during this time!

If the team guesses right within that minute, they score a point. Fail, and the opposing team gets a shot at guessing correctly for their point. Teams alternate turns in acting and guessing until the charades are gone or all players have acted once.

For charming baby shower prizes, consider Beau-coup’s selection; it’s full of cute options perfect for your event.

11. Craft a Virtual Time Capsule

To craft a virtual time capsule, start by picking an online platform where all guests can upload their heartfelt messages, photos, or videos. You might choose a secure cloud service for this purpose. Ensure everyone understands how to use the chosen service; simplicity is key here.

Next, send out clear instructions with your digital invite. Let them know what kind of content they should contribute—maybe wishes for the baby or advice for the parents-to-be—and provide a deadline before the shower date. During the virtual baby shower, take some time to acknowledge these contributions together.

Highlight funny or particularly touching entries but save most for later personal viewing to keep things moving smoothly. Afterward, compile everything into one beautiful presentation or webpage that’s easy to navigate. 

Share this with family members who couldn’t join live so no one misses out on celebrating together despite distances and circumstances making physical gatherings tough right now.

Final Words

For your next virtual baby shower, remember that fun can thrive even from afar. With games like Bingo to trivia about the parents-to-be, each choice promises laughter and joy among guests. These options ensure everyone feels part of the celebration while honoring this special moment uniquely.

So, pick your favorites from our list at Parenting Wall and get ready for an event filled with smiles and happy memories—even through a screen.

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